Why Study In United States?
United States provides a high level educational standards and opportunities which is hard to perceive in any part of the world. The very reason for its flawless system is that, it offers precise and thorough information to the students.

The esteemed Institutions of USA emphasis on innovative acquisition of knowledge with variety of projects and plans. The US has always been of the best educational systems in the world, probably because it is eminent in generating new discoveries and inventions in the fields of crime, war, food, medicines, science and tech and industry from Undergraduate level to higher.

United States gives an extensive list of national and international scholarship opportunities. The young minds from around the world often apply for student Visa to upgrade their academic level and for standard graduation degree. If you are eager and geared up for success in future then invest your time to the best USA education consultants, as study in US allows you to discover another part of yourself.
How much it will cost?
Fees- there is an extensive range of tuition fees to study in the USA. The average cost of tuition fees per year starts from $10,000 and goes up to $80, 000. Though average range expected from majority of universities is to be $15, 000 - $20, 000.

Foundation studies- A $9000 to $11000 annually

Living cost- The estimated living cost in the USA is around $700 to $1000 per month including accommodation, food etc. Although it varies according to the area.

Consult USA education consultant to know more about all the course of actions.

How to apply?
To apply to the best universities of USA you first need to select the Institutions. Check your finances, and get the application forms ready. But first you need to apply for a student visa.

Prepare for the admission test and select the universities on the basis of finances and other priorities and come up with an efficient choice, also get ready with the your scores, CVs, good essays and transcripts. The US colleges asks UG aspirants to take Standard Admission Test (SAT), ACT, TOEFFL. for PG degree the ask for GRE, GMAT scores. The TOEFL and IELTS are accepted around the world. TOEFL is commonly accepted in the US institutions.

Getting your visa to study in the US take a bit time but can be easy and confusing at the same time. They run a brief interview for a 2 to 3 mints. Interviewer cross examines and asks a lot of questions. The student has to persuade the interviewer by giving impressive and intelligent replies. The results of the examination will be given at the same time.

What about accomodation?
1. On Campus
The universities provides students with best dormitories. There are many facilities in these residential halls. In some dorms they provide kitchen too. They share large bathroom and a room where 2 or 3 students can stay.
Dorms are separated on the basis of girls and boys dorms. Often they charge you for your internet where you are expected to pay $20 per month. The annual cost fluctuates and varies according to the location. On an average it is around $12000- $15000 annually.

2. Off Campus
If a student wants to stay at a place other than university dorms then they can go for other options like apartments, private house, etc.
Students can rent a room or an apartment. And can stay in homestay where they are placed with an American family with room and food facilities, within 20-40 mins distance of university.
If you want to explore american life more closely then this is the best way to do so. Annual cost is approx. $11, 000
If you feel that university dorms are expensive then you can go to cheaper option of 'off campus dorm' they are just same as the university dorms but are owned by private owner.
Temporary Accommodation
You can search for short term furnished houses and apartment or rooms in close vicinity to the college for a temporary time span. It cost nearly $400 per week.