Why Study In Australia?
A total of 6 out of top 100 universities are situated in Australia. It has a reputated education system due to some good policies and a dynamic structure. Students from all over the world show their interest to study here, which makes it the third most desired study destination after USA and UK. With around 1,100 colleges and 22,000 courses, it provides various opportunities for the students. Besides, Australian ensures protection for international students. The provision of work visa after studies makes it a preferred choice for international studies. With 7 of its cities ranked among top 75 cities in QS world's best student cities, it is one of the best places to live with quality lifestyle and easy accommodation.
How much it will cost?
Fee in Australian Universities is taken semester wise. It is usually taken before you arrive in Australia. For more details, students should consult Australian consultants.

Foundational courses cost around A$ 9000 to $11000 per year whereas diploma courses cost A$8000 to $12000 per year.

Graduation in Australia costs around A $14000 to $32000 per year in non technical streams whereas $18000 per year in Engineering and IT field. Besides, Post Graduation costs around A $15000 to $28000 in non technical streams and A$15000 to $20000 in technical streams, per year.
How to apply?
For applying for admissions, Australian Universities ask for your personal details as well as professional work information and documents. Universities select candidates as per their guidelines and send them the offer letter. It takes approximately 1 to 4 weeks in all this process. In case of Research applications, the process time remains comparatively longer.

Visa - Also, to study in any foreign country, a student visa is required. Its outcome may take 4-8 weeks. The requirements for Visa for Australia study visa are mentioned in the checklist provided by them and also the student is accountable to the Local visa office at Australia high commission for any clarification regarding documents.
1. On Campus
A single or a twin room is made available with proper bed linen and cleaning facilities by the institution. Also, they have a communal dining hall at a very genuine rate where special dietary needs are also fulfilled at at a cost of around 200$-300$ per week.

2. Off Campus
Getting an accomodation is quite convenient in Australia, students even rent rooms in suburban house as per their needs and that too at a decent cost of 150$-300$.
From private apartments to unfinished houses, you will find different types of accommodations facilities available and that too at reasonable cost, starting from 350$ ranging upto 1000$ per week. Prices vary when a group of students hire a complete apartment and share its total cost.
International student housing
These housings are located on campus or nearby, with single or twin rooms. Bed linen and cleaning are provided. Students eat their meal in a communal dining hall. A student can also get accommodations providing special dietary needs at around 200$ - 300$ per week.
Homestay or private board
The student rents a room in a suburban house, usually with a garden and lawns. Adjustment of life in Australia can be done with the help of your host family. Depending on the room size and the facilities provided by the family the typical cost can be from 150$ - 300$.
Temporary Accomodation
Initially when you will land in city of the institute, you have to book a temporary accommodation. These temporary accommodations are easily available at a cost of $50 to $150 per night for single occupancy.