Why Study In United Kingdom?
The emergence of UK as one of the most popular study destinations for education in the world has been rapidly growing. Amongst many reasons which prompt international students to pursue their education in the UK, one of the reason is that UK education equips students with unparalleled academic and professional skills and elevates their personal development with an exciting and unforgettable cultural experience.

UK now also provides a good mix of traditional and modern campus life and education experience.
How much it will cost?
Fees-Expected tuition fees for different courses is listed below:

Business Courses : £5,500 - £12,000 per year.

Engineering and Science Courses: £6,500 - £12,000 per year.

MBA : £7,000 - £16,500 per year .

Living cost- Living cost in the UK varies according to the area you wish to live. London is the most expensive city for living in UK. Its cost around £6500 per person per year to live in London, whereas it costs around £5500 per person per year to live outside London. These price details includes the cost accomodation, heating, lighting, food, clothing, books and daily travel. Prices even vary according to different lifestyles.
How To Apply?
Application - - The main intake of students in institutes of UK takes place in September or October. However, some universities open their admissions in the month of January.

Post Graduate :There is an organisation in UK , known as UCAS, which manages the UG applications and forward it to respected Institutions as selected in the application form. A student can file UCAS application only once in an year and can choose only 5 institutes in it. Few universities even take direct applications. UCAS application form costs £15 and applications are accepted from October of previous year till June 30th of the year of admission.

Post Graduate- Interested students fill individual application forms issued by universities. It is recommended to apply a bit early as some programs that are quite competitive to gain admission. Overall, there is no defined deadline for such applications and also all intakes of students have a common application form. Students must also enquire their International office for application deadlines.
A student needs to fill an application form for general student visa. This form costs around £145.

You need to provide the given information and documents in order to get a student visa :

Passport or Travel document
Visa letter from UK education provider
Bank Statements to confirm that you have enough money to study and live in UK
Biometric impression's copy
Documents required by your UK education provider , etc.
Accommodation Information
1. On Campus
UK Universities provide two options of accommodation to its students that is Catered halls of residence (including meals) and Self-catered halls of residence (without meals).
Almost every institution in UK provides accommodation facility to its international students. It will be either a hostel accommodation like halls of residence or self catering shared rooms in a house. Also, students must apply for accommodation provided by institute for their own convenience.

2. Off Campus
Many a times, students who study in UK prefer to stay with their college friends at some independent places like a flat nearby the institution. It helps them to curb the renting cost and bills and provide more freedom and independence from the campus accommodation.
University/college owned international student accommodation
Accommodation is provided for international students by most UK institutions. This will either have a self-catering shared house or flat OR a room in halls of residence (either full board or self-catering ). It is suggested to apply for staying in Univeristy/college owned accommodation as soon as you are accepted on your course.